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Patient information leaflet on sleep problems, not specifically to Covid but very good at going through potential causes, exacerbating factors and treatment options

Red whale update on Long Covid, useful like all Red Whale publications. Summarises the main points in an easily readable format.

BMJ summary of the NICE, SIGN and RCGP rapid guidelines

A lot of information for patients on some of the main long Covid symptoms and how to cope with them

35 pages

30 minute long Covid e-learning module from RCGP

Guidance from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine with respect to returning patients to work and completing Med 3 forms

Describes how to carry out the one minute sit to stand test as suggested by NICE, although NICE acknowledge it hasn’t been validated for Long Covid

Running 10 week support sessions for doctors with long Covid. They have a very useful page with links to organisations that are able to offer support to doctors who may be struggling with the psychological effects of Covid or other psychological issues.

HCP information: FAQ
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HCP information: Image
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